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Symposium subject topics comprised:

1. Information Literacy: world-wide framework and current implementation in Greek Higher Education Institutions
  • Information Literacy and user training activities implemented through EPEAEK library projects
  • Programmes and studies about library user training and Information Literacy in Greek academic institutions
  • Definitions, standards, models and organisations of Information Literacy
  • Information Literacy and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Information Literacy programmes as an accreditation factor of universities from abroad
2. Information Literacy and Greek Academic Community
  • Opinions of academic community members about the use and exploitation of available information resources, Information Literacy and life-long learning
  • Librarian-faculty collaboration in designing and implementing Information Literacy programmes
  • Information Literacy course and curriculum integration processes in academic institutions
3. Information Literacy Courses and Staff Training
  • Learning and teaching theories, Information Literacy programmes teaching design and organisation
  • Library staff views about participating in user training and Information Literacy courses
  • Staff training for delivering Information Literacy programme courses
4. Information Literacy Development Policies
  • Information Literacy policies in academic institutions
  • Marketing Information Literacy in academic institutions
  • Academic institutions and life-long learning - Relationship between Libraries and Life-Long Learning Institutes of Greek HE Institutions
  • National strategies for Information Literacy development
5. Information Literacy and Ethics: the proper use and exploitation of information
  • Ethical information use
  • Plagiarism and Higher Education
  • Information Literacy and methodology of writing student reports and essays

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